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The Untold Important Facts of Hot Wheels

Are you a fan of Hot Wheels? If so, then you must have a lot of car collections from Hot Wheels. Well, this is a car replica which is represented as miniature. It would be a good thing for you to have every single collection from Hot Wheels. This kind of toy does not put the limits, so whether you are kids or adults, you can actually be a Hot Wheels collector.

Why Hot Wheels?

Why do people like to collect Hot Wheels? As you can see in every single design of Hot Wheels, it has so many interesting designs. This kind of factor mostly defines people to buy it. Moreover, the price offered comes in some variation starting from $1 – $100 depends on the edition.

One attractive thing that you should know is Hot Wheel’s commonly released special edition which makes the people get attracted to it. Moreover, it sometimes released the limited edition to invite the Hot Wheels enthusiasts to buy it. Hence, that is some reason why it is worth it to buy.

What’s Up with Hot Wheels?

Here are the other facts of Hot Wheels that you should know:

  • Special Features of Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels apparently make a special feature on its car which is believed to worth some money. It has a special characteristic that has a red line on the wheels. Then, what does it mean? It has the history behind, in the 1968 – 1977, Hot Wheels make thin red lines around the ring tire. However, after 1977, it is not produced due to cost efficiency. Hence, if you have that kind of car, it might be valued for thousands of dollars.

  • Hot Wheels X NASA

Mattel as the manufactured had a collaboration with NASA in 1998 which was to produce the replica of JPL Sourjourner Action Pack Set. It was intentionally made in order to appreciate the NASA crew who landed on Mars in the Summer with Sojourner Rover. This kind of edition comes as the special one which was worth about 2.5 million dollars.

  • Great Edition of Hot Wheels

If you are the collector of this Hot Wheels, it is better for you to know about which type of car which has the most valuable attraction. Apparently, most of the collectors hunted for Pink Volkswagen which is equipped by Removable Surfboard. This is really worth it to buy as it has a perfect rig and also iconic.

  • The Achievement of Hot Wheels

You know that Hot Wheels have really good achievement throughout the world. It has sold cars to over 150 countries in the world. Then, you can imagine how many designs they made every year. As a fact, Hot Wheels produced over 2 billion wheels per year with thousands of car types.

Thus, those are the facts of Hot Wheels that you should know. Mattel as the manufactured had done good achievement for the cars. Moreover, there are lots of car enthusiasts who always wait for their designs. Make sure you do not miss all the special ones once released.